Common Bee Diseases

Common Bee Diseases Varroa Mites These parasites attack both adult and larvae bees. They suck the blood of honeybees, weakening them and shortening their lifespan. If your bees display signs such as missing legs or wings, it is possible you that have varroa mites. The mites seem to prefer drone brood, so inspection will help […]

Palm Beach County: Queen Bee Removal

Queen Bee Removal Queen Bee: Proper Transportation of the Queen Bee, The most important part of a live bee removal process is ensuring the Queen Bee is removed from the hive along with all the other bees. A bee colony can contain thousands of bees; which makes it imperative to remove the Queen Bee so […]

Bee Stings

Bee stings most commonly occur when a person may unknowingly disturb a nest. While bees are passive and just want to be left alone, like many insects. Respectfully, each bee has a specific role that they play and there are some bees in hives that are designated to protect the nest. Many times the protector […]

Protect Your Home from Swarming Bees

Protect Your Home from Swarming Bees Swarming Bees: Generally mid-March until the beginning of July is considered the typical bee swarming season in the United States. Often times during this season, honey bees start to collect pollen to feed on and to store for the upcoming winter season. A swarm is a big ball of […]

Residents in Jupiter neighborhood wants beehive removed

Jupiter neighborhood wants beehive removed A Jupiter¬†neighborhood wants beehive removed – Michael Littlejohn says he was mowing the lawn a few days ago. Before he knew it, he had been stung several times by bees. Michael said, “Behind here on my ear and behind my scalp and on my neck. The ones on my neck […]