Protect Your Home from Swarming Bees

Swarming Bees: Generally mid-March until the beginning of July is Swarming Beesconsidered the typical bee swarming season in the United States. Often times during this season, honey bees start to collect pollen to feed on and to store for the upcoming winter season. A swarm is a big ball of bees, usually outside, could be in a tree and a garden planter etc. They are very easy to remove and should be removed a.s.a.p. before they find an entryway into your home. They can move into your home within a couple of hours, causing much more damage and cost more to remove.

Tips: Protect Your Home from Swarming Bees

  • Always discourage bees and wasps by eliminating favorable nest sites. Use an appropriate sealant to fill cracks and holes in walls and trees. Remove any trash or debris that might serve as a shelter, such as overturned clay pots. Ground- nesting insects can be discouraged by allowing the soil to dry out completely, and by mulching or planting a ground cover over large patches of bare ground.
  • Always apply paint or varnish to outdoor wooden structures preventing swarming bees and insects a place to enter and nest.
  • Consider the water sources in your yard and eliminate the unnecessary ones. Put screens over rain spouts and water meter boxes. A few ounces of pine scented cleaner can be placed into evaporate coolers to discourage bee swarming and insects, and for pet water and birdbaths two tablespoons of vinegar per gallon is somewhat effective.
  • Around your home entrances apply insulation around door frames and seal around window frames, protecting against swarming bees.
  • Cover food when eating outdoors.
  • Gather up rotting fruit dropped from trees.
  • Seal garbage cans leaving no place for Bees to swarm.
  • Do not aggravate bees or wasps by swatting at them. They can react defensively.
  • All Attics and vents around your home should be screened and sealed, keeping insects and bees out.

Watch: News Channel 5 Video on Swarming Bees

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