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Jupiter neighborhood wants beehive removed

A Jupiter neighborhood wants beehive removed – Michael Littlejohn says he was mowing the lawn a few days ago. Before he knew it, he had been stung several times by bees.

Michael said, “Behind here on my ear and behind my scalp and on my neck. The ones on my neck I think I got quick enough so I was able to pull the stinger away. But on my head the stingers were left in there and I tried to wipe them out and they were sticking to my fingers.” Michael  says his neighbors also recently stung.

The tree where the bee hive is located is on a different piece of property. It’s right behind Littlejohn’s property. There is an alleyway between both pieces of land but he’s still concerned that if children or adults walk through this alley, someone else could be stung.

NewsChannel 5 contacted beekeeper Brian Moore to find out what kinds of bees they are. He said they are honey bees, possibly Africanized Honey Bees. “There is a beehive inside the hollow of the tree and there’s probably 30 to 50 thousand and they are honey bees,” he said.

Brian says it’s a scary situation. “Well, if it’s not removed properly the scent from the beehive is going to be in there and it’s going to be an attraction for bees.

The trees keep growing and they blow in the wind and if you block the holes up, the holes will open up in time and the tree will wind up getting bees back again.”

The beekeeper started removing the bees Monday evening.  The neighborhood residents were relived and happy that all the bees were removed, freeing the neighborhood of the beehive and all its’ bees.

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